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Solar energy without borders

Solar Chile is a utility scale solar systems developer with a mission to convert the high solar resource of the Atacama desert into a competitive and sustainable energy source. We design, build and operate solar PV plants that provide clean and reliable electricity to large offtakers—primarily mining operations who benefit from the de-carbonization of the minerals they produce.

Solar Chile is part of an ambitious plan started by Fundación Chile to transform Chile into a world reference for solar energy. Our common vision is that the Atacama Desert has a competitive advantage (the highest solar irradiation) and therefore will be one of the first places on the planet where grid parity can be achieved. Solar Chile plans to leverage the best technology, financing structure, and local expertise to accelerate the timeframe necessary to make solar energy competitive in Chile.

The projects that Solar Chile develops will also connect with the development of a local solar cluster that will bring new jobs, R&D and sustainable opportunities to the entire region.

The increasing energy demand, high cost of energy and intensive use of fossil fuels, coupled with the high solar irradiation make this region the perfect candidate for solar energy. Solar Chile, in partnership with Fundación Chile and leading solar technology providers, hope to make this a reality. Our mutual goal is to drive down the cost of solar energy to the point where it competes with fossil fuel generation, and can therefore be dramatically scaled in the future. If successful, we believe that we can make a substantial contribution to the de-carbonization of copper production, and subsequently its downstream value chain.

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